To ensure reliability, the experiment needs to be conducted at least 3 times until the results are consistent. 

In this article I will share with you two question samples on how to tackle questions involving the reliability of the experiment by using "3 RE" Strategy (REliable- REsults-REpeat).

(i)   Why do we repeat experiments a few more times?

If you conduct an experiment just once, you could get an anomalous (uncertain) result.
So, when we repeat the experiments and find the 
average of at least 3 sets of consistent data, the results collected will be more reliable

(ii)   Reliability question is often expressed in the following format:

  • Variant 1: Why is there a need to repeat the experiment a few times?
  • Variant 2: How to ensure the reliability of results of the experiment?

(iii)   How to answer Variant 1 and 2 Questions?

  • Variant 1: To ensure the results obtained are consistent and reliable
  • Variant 2: Repeat the experiment twice ( or Conduct the experiment 3 times / a few times) and find the average (results/ measured variable / dependent variable).

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