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Control Set-up PSLE Science Answering Techniques

Control Set-up Experimental-based Questions

Experimental-based questions are regularly tested in Primary School Science examinations. 
In this article I will share with you three question samples on how to tackle questions involving control set-ups by using "3C" method (Control-Compare-Confirm).

(i)   What is a Control Set-up? 

  • An experimental set-up which is used for comparison in order to confirm the conclusion of an experiment.
  • An experimental set-up to show that the results obtained and observations made are only due to material tested and not other external factors. 

(ii)   Control Set-up Question is often expressed in the following format:

  • Variant 1: Why is there a need for set-up B?
  • Variant 2: Why is there a need for a control set-up?
  • Variant 3: Draw and label a control set-up for the experiment.

(iii)   How to answer Variant 1, 2 and 3 Questions?

  • Variant 1 : It acts as a control set-up to compare and confirm that the (Measured variable / Dependent variable) is only due to the (Changed variable / Independent variable) and not due to other variables in the experiment. 

  • Variant 2 : It is used to compare and confirm that the (Measured variable / Dependent variable) is only due to the (Changed variable / Independent variable) and not due to other variables in the experiment. 

  • Variant 3 : To draw the control set-up is to change/remove the (Changed variable / Independent variable) in the experimental set-up so as to prove that any change in result is only due to the (Changed variable / independent variable) and not because of other variables in the experiment. 

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